The Wind of Change at TGJ

Dear Jammers,

We, Nina Enemark and Monika Smekot, are very excited and honoured to be writing to you as the new co-directors of The Glasgow Jam.
Big Thank You to co-founder of TGJ Penny Chivas and co-director Laura Gonzales who put their hearts into taking care of this special space. Thanks for your dedication, perseverance and creativity. We wish you all the best and look forward to continuing to dance together!
We also want to join Penny and Laura in thanking outgoing board members Rosina Bonsu and Ron Montgomery for all their support for the jam over the years. We are very pleased to welcome Emilia Sosnowska as a new member of the board, joining Sheila McCubbin andEmmie McKay.

We have been quite busy recently finding our feet in the new roles and are excited by the wind of change coming to The Glasgow Jam.
This year we would like to concentrate on physical aspects of CI which hopefully will lead us to the metaphysical aspects of this beautiful form. With this thought in mind we have invited some experienced practitioners to come and help us to dive into this physical and metaphysical world. We have also left some space for experimentation as it is always good to test new waters.
We have brought together a stimulating variety of teachers and events which we hope will make for an exciting start to the year. 
We begin this year with a jam with Monika Smekot and at the end of the month we will have a great two-day workshop with Nerea Gurrutxaga Arruti, ‘to move together’, and Zoe  Katsilerou, ‘connecting through the voice.
We will also watch ‘Fall After Newton’  (1987):
“A sweeping look at 11 years of practice of Contact Improvisation by Nancy Stark Smith and Steve Paxton. The progression from its beginnings in 1972 through successive years of performances up to 1983 shows one strand of the development of this multifaceted duet dance form”
… and we will of course jam (led by Nina Enemark and Zoe  Katsilerou). Please see the attached flyer for full descriptions of the workshops.
In February we have the fantastic Aya Kobayashi leading a special jam in Tramway, joined by musician Nicolette Corcoran Macleod.
We will also have a jam led by Nina Enemark followed by another exciting screening that we will announce soon.

NOW let’s talk about The Wind of Change at TGJ:
Just Jam (No Class)
Instead of having one-hour classes and jams with half-hour warmups we are trying out a new approach: no classes, but instead a 1-hour deep, focused warmup before each jam. We are keen to see how this goes and hope you will let us know how you like it! Instead of classes, we will be offering workshops on a fairly frequent basis, so there will be a variety of opportunities to explore new techniques and build on existing skills.
The prices are falling!
GREAT NEWS! The Jam is on sale ;-) it will be only £8 to take part in the Jam (compared with class+jam for £12). This is 6 month test, which we will review in the summer; we are hoping it will help you to dance more often and we also hope we will not go bankrupt ;-) We are also introducing a concession price of £6 (students / unwaged / out-of-towners). If finances are preventing you from dancing, let us know and we will try to accommodate this.
Space and time                                                               
We will be exploring the new space in CCA, so if you cannot find us in the Clubroom , check the Creative Lab (first floor, next to the lift). Also, some jams will be in the morning and some will be in the evening so please keep an eye on times and spaces ;-)
More changes and updates on their way! So please stay tuned.
It is important for us to hear what would you like from TGJ so if there are any ideas, suggestions, dreams… please share them with us and we shall try to do the magic to bring it to you.

Join us for a jamtastic 2018! 
Nina & Monika