New Jammers 2015

New Jammers

In 2015, @TGJ are delighted to announce the receipt of funding from Creative Scotland to run an innovative mentoring programme for new facilitators. The programme, offered to 7 individuals, will lead them through the basic requirements and more detailed discussions around leading improvisation events safely and creatively. It is hoped that a number of the New Jammers will then become part of our teacher's pool and offer this experience back into the @TGJ community.

The programme will be led by Penny Chivas with support from Tom Pritchard and Ciorstaidh Monk.

There was an open call in March 2015 for two of the places. These participants joined the selected group who make up the New Jammers programme for 2015 and are listed below.

Blog entries from each participant will be updated regularly throughout the programme. In this space they are invited to discuss the process of being part of the programme and give an insight into how they understand the role of facilitator in jams.


Anna Bambridge:

Nina Enemark

I am a contact improvisation dancer with a special interest in ensemble improvisation and the integration of dance with vocals and other sound. I brings my academic research on the aesthetics of ritual into my practice, and I am currently focused on exploring how to take this practice into performance as well as into the wider community.

Laura Gonzalez

I trained as a visual artist in Spain—my home country—Portugal and the UK. I dance, draw and write everyday, and I am an Ashtanga yoga practitioner. Since 1997, I have exhibited my multidisciplinary work all over Europe. I also curate exhibitions, have written various books, presented performative papers at international conferences and have had my work printed in art journals. I teach Postgraduate students at The Glasgow School of Art and Transart Institute. I love jamming because it offers a space where many of my interests (body, page, voice, text) can meet to play and explore.

Becky Moore

I work as a freelance Dance/Performance artist and Pilates teacher in Glasgow. Graduating in 2013 with a BA (hons) in Dance Performance at Falmouth University, I have since performed for Fish and Game, Barrowland Ballet, Various Dance Artists and Verity Standen productions, incorporating street theatre, acrobatics, inclusive site specific performance and choral voice work. I also work in Contact Improvisational settings as a facilitator/ workshop leader and performer with @TheGlasgowJam. In my free time I write for feminist collective TYCI doing music and cultural journalism and I have Four Edge dance collective running in Edinburgh. I also have a background in Fine Arts having also studied at Goldsmiths University, London and combine this experience with my current dance and writing practice. You can find out more about me here:

Dave Murray-Rust:

Dominic Snyder

I’m currently busy with the translation of many of my drawings into painting with a view to a solo exhibition at the Compass Gallery, Glasgow, within the next couple of years. Imagery from the Jam is playing a part here. I look forward to generating more source material at the Jams. I am also beginning work with Glasgow Jammer Nina Enemark for a performance as part of the Lochwinnoch Arts Festival. This will be a contribution from The Snyver Project taking place on Fri March 25 at an intriguing venue… The Masonic Lodge at Lochwinnoch. It is a suitably dark and mysterious room which could make for an interesting performance. More details will become available.

Ben Walker:

Image Courtesy of Dominic Snyder