About TGJ

The Glasgow Jam is a not-for-profit, community-based organisation that facilitates regular workshops and ‘jams’ based around contact improvisation, a creative movement form open to all. Contact improvisation explores the possibilities for movement with a partner or a group using a natural flow of weight and momentum, as well as more subtle connections through touch and the other senses. It is a form that encourages groundedness, listening to one’s own body and other bodies, and connecting to the physical environment. Because of the non-hierarchical nature of the form, contact improvisation creates a stimulating bridge between professional and community dancers where everyone can learn from anyone.

Our workshops  are opportunities to build skills in contact improvisation and related dance and movement forms. We work together with teachers with expertise in various aspects of movement, and are always aiming to create an exciting, rich and diverse programme of training opportunities.

Our jams are an open space to improvise, using tools built up in workshops and our individual practices. They are place to play, connect, express ourselves and explore through movement. A jam begins with a one-hour, in-depth warm-up and finishes with a cool-down.

We are supported by CCA and The Work Room.