TGJ April Newsletter

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to the post-winter era! As the snow finally stops falling, we hope that the only falling that happens for a while will be of bodies in the jams (along with rolling, flying, and ALL THE MOVES!) as we all start to come back to life a little more each day...;-)
We had a fantastic workshop with Tony Mills in March. The clarity and precision of Tony's approach helped unravel the mystery of the hips in CI and helped us to fly. Super big thanks to Tony and to everyone who came ;-) 

And we have more attractions coming our way. First of all, the upcoming jams, with an exciting variety of locations and practitioners! As always please note the times and locations as these do vary. Here's our schedule leading up to the summer break (July/August):

28 April (Saturday) 10.30-14.00 CCA / Theatre: Special BIG Jam with Nina Enemark and sound by Zoe Katsilerou.
There will be more space to move so join us in spreading our spring wings and spreading out across the lovely big space ;-)
27 May, 12.30-16.00 CCA / Clubroom: facilitated by TGJ co-founder Penny Chivas
3 June, 12.30-16.00 CCA / Clubroom: facilitated by Laura Bradshaw
 17 June, 12.30-16.00 CCA / Clubroom: facilitated by Srik Narayanan

And finally TGJ is very proud to host a workshop titled: 'Solo Performance Improvisation' with Andrew Morrish on 12-13 May in CCA. More information about the workshop can be found in the attachment. We are almost sold out but will have a waiting list so if you would like to come do get in touch.
We are currently working on our post summer programme and will be announcing it soon so meanwhile please stay tuned and come dance with us.

Monika and Nina